3 R's to help you help your people. Ideal for first time managers.

3 R’s of People Development

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There are three things that successful leaders do when trying to improve their employees. Without them you are relying on luck, command and control to build a solid team of performers. We know that you will not get far in your people development if you do these things. Try using these three R’s of people development.

Role Model

Employees will copy your behaviors and as such you have to model the behavior that you expect in others. Modeling the appropriate behaviors and values provides a clear and consistent example of the expectations and work ethic that others can easily mirror. Find ways to demonstrate engagement, commitment and responsibility each and every day. Remember, they are always watching.


When an employee is doing something that is out of line with expectations or is not at the level you are expecting it is important that you redirect them towards what is expected. First get their buy-in to your opinion. Second get their commitment to the solution. The best way to do this is to ask them what they think should be done which also gives them a stronger sense of ownership in the process. After you have agreed to the problem and solution you will need to use your observation and follow-up skills to make sure they are implementing what was agreed to consistently and that you provide regular feedback.


Without respect it will not matter how well you model the behavior or how well you are able to redirect your employees. If your employees don’t feel you genuinely respect them they will not model your behavior or listen to you when trying to improve their performance. They will readily dismiss anything that you try to tell them, show them or help them improve.

Being a responsible and committed role model, redirecting immediately and having strong follow-up along side of respecting your employees is the foundation to growing others. These three things done consistently will help you help your employees find success.

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Jason Cortel3 R’s of People Development

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