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I firmly believe that we are in the midst of a leadership gap that widens every day. I signed up for a leadership course that was offered by my employer and found that I have an insatiable passion for the subject. That class led me to create this blog on management and leadership with the ultimate goal of spreading what I have learned and what I do into the far corners of the world.

Leadership isn’t granted through a title, salary or implied authority; those are career wins. The biggest mistake that “leaders” and organizations make is to assume the proper title or authority makes a leader. This fundamental mistake is what is fueling the current leadership gap and why I am offering my thoughts and perspectives on the topic.


It has been said time and again that everything rises and falls on leadership. Organizations are looking for opportunities to become more innovative, faster, stronger and better at something than their competitors. To do that they assign leadership to teams, products, and business units. Then they find the project is behind, the outcomes are a far cry from what was predicted, employees leave or the market puts them in last place.

The problem wasn’t the vision it was the absence of a capable leader. The problem was and is the leadership gap.


I take a holistic approach when coaching and developing others into leadership and management roles. Typically we find people coach primarily to the job tasks. When you truly want to build others into the best leader they can become you have to take a holistic approach and coach them through every aspect of their being. The best leaders are able to comprehend that what, why and how they do what they do are intimately interconnected and explicable only to the whole person.


An accomplished sales and marketing operations executive with fifteen years in the demand generation, customer service and technical support industries. Thirteen years of leadership experience in business to business organizations spanning multiple countries. Strong ability to quickly assess sales and support operations and implement the proper balance of people, processes, and technologies to improve employee morale, productivity and achieve high client service levels. Proven leadership, communication, team building, strategic planning, and problem solving skills. Recognized for having the ability to develop client-focused organizational cultures resulting in significantly higher customer satisfaction.

I am currently a Director of Call Center Operations with Televerde. We provide end-to-end marketing and sales solutions that make B2B sales pipelines stronger and faster with maximum ROI, while making marketing and sales executives smarter. I lead of team of managers who coach, train and develop Televerde’s uniquely trained and qualified teleservices agents to generate high conversion rates for inbound and outbound lead generation, lead nurturing and inside sales programs. Televerde’s 350+ highly trained agents have been immersed in the high-tech market for 17 years speaking directly with decision-makers and influencers in more than 250,000 conversations each year. Our decision-maker conversations convert to qualified leads at a rate of 35%.


Leadership and Management Development
Sales and Marketing Operations Management
Start-ups and High-Growth Businesses
Recruitment, Training and Performance Management
Cross Functional Integration
Employee Relations
Capacity Analysis
Key Metric Identification & Reporting
Vendor Relationship Management (outsourcing/in-sourcing)
Project Management
Product Growth & Development
Employee Retention
Inside Sales Management


I was born and raised in Campaign, Illinois where I lived until I turned 18 years old.  I moved to Indianapolis, Indiana to attend ITT Technical Institute where I studied Hospitality Management. After graduating I moved back to Campaign to be closer to my family where I stayed for 2 years. My life wasn’t moving in the direction I wanted so I decided to make a drastic change.  I packed my bags and moved to New York, New York where I stayed for about 5 years. Tired of the subway, crowds and weather I moved to Phoenix, Arizona where I currently reside.

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