Business Continuity Plan

Initially I worked in conjunction with the project manager to execute the Business Continuity Plan (BCP). This included adherence to various check points within the plan. We were also charged with maintaining the plan documents ensuring the information contained was up to date with vendor, contact and equipment information. Ensuring that roles and responsibilities of the different team leads and members were updated and that frequent training was conducted. We also conducted regular tests of the plan, delivered summaries, gaps and proposed solutions to the executive management team.

After one-year of working on the plan under the project manager, I was given ownership over the BCP and maintain sole responsibility for its execution.

Client Visit Process Development

I was primarily picked to participate in the development of this process based on how I personally executed client visits to our operation centers. Acting as a team member on the client visit process project I represented the operations department in the development and execution of the plan. I took sole ownership for the components of the plan that included operations role in the process.

Agent Transition Process Development

As agents move from location to location a need was identified in how we handle the transition from center to center. This included communication protocols that were necessary from one manager to the other, including the availability of agent scorecards, disciplinary history and skill-set. In addition to the agent information the plan included a transition process in the event the agent would not be able to maintain their current client assignment or required additional training and development to meet the needs of the clients at the location they were transitioning to. Also included in the plan was a ramp-up process to back-fill agents for the client that the transitioned agent may need to be removed from.

Agent Hiring Process Development

Recognizing that our agent selection process was not filling our needs, I was part of team established to develop a more rigorous recruitment process. This included implementing the Predictive Index Survey, the development of a Predictive Index Job Pro (what should the survey results of a successful agent look like), implementation of eskills testing and the selection of behavioral interview questions. The outcome of this process resulted in significantly reduced turn-over of new agents.

Call Center Software Project Implementation

As we recognized our call center software solution was no longer meeting our needs we began the process of implementing a new solution. I was selected to represent the operations department in testing and user acceptance. As the transition to the new software continued I became part of a team that was responsible for working with IT to make enhancements, close gaps and improve agent and supervisor efficiency.

Metric and KPI Development and Tracking

As part of a team of call center leaders I played a key role in the development, feasibility and role out of standards of performance and key performance indicators based on product type and agent skill-level as well as reporting development and tracking mechanisms. This included the analysis of past and current results and the development of an agent classification system. Once the metrics and KPI’s were developed we rolled out the changes to the supervisors and agents, refined and redeployed and continued to monitor and enforces the new standards.

Dollar Days International:

Radically redesigned email marketing program resulting in higher click-through rates (29%), lower unsubscribe rates (10%) and higher click-to-purchase rates (15%).

Implemented several site improvements including homepage layout, product placement, banner ads and department refinement.

Developed direct mail catalog program designed to further generate interest in new suppliers and to increase the reach of potential customers. Responsible for vendor and item selection, design including layout and product placement of the items.  Sourced and secured shipping partners to obtain the highest margin and ROI possible.

Improved communications between merchandising and sales/customer support.  This was accomplished through training the staff when new vendors, merchandise or marketing initiatives were implemented as well as sharing and maintaining a merchandise marketing road map.

Sourced and trained a Call Center in Mumbai India to process inbound web-chat and email inquires, through this effort the cost per inquiry was reduced by over 50% resulting in increased Customer Service profit margin. Implemented and monitored up-sell and cross-sell activities further driving up ROI and reducing cost of the vendor.

Sourced, trained and managed outsourced lead generation through 3rd-party vendors.  Initially this program was not managed, through my involvement we recognized a 30% increase in sales volume as well as 15% improvement in ROI.

Played a key role in moving the customer service and inbound sales operation to Nova Scotia Canada. Highly involved in hiring, training and developing new staff in the areas of Customer Service and inbound/outbound sales.

Successfully implemented several projects that turned Customer Service from a cost center to a revenue center through up-sell/cross-sell and outbound campaigns. Directly managed and maintained oversight on all inbound marketing initiatives that drove opportunities to the Canadian Call Center.


Certified Analyst for Predictive Index

Arizona Department of Real Estate Sales License (SA637182000)

AMA Fundamentals of Marketing


Employee of the Month – Televerde January 2013

Highest Employee Satisfaction Televerde Q2-2012

Department of Corrections Employee of the Quarter October – December 2010

Toastmasters Competent Communicator April 2009


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