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Tuesday Tip: Pursue Experience, Skills and Excellence

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Most people get it wrong when building their career. These people focus on achieving a title, making more money, having more responsibility or incremental improvements. Their pursuit for status and pay will not get them far or be sustainable. Their success will not be as great and their foundation will …

Jason CortelTuesday Tip: Pursue Experience, Skills and Excellence
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How to Easily Accept Feedback

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Feedback is among the greatest gifts that you will ever receive from a manager. Feedback improves your performance, aligns expectations, develops your skills, solves problems and will help you navigate the waters toward a promotion and increased pay. Feedback benefits an organization by developing talent and improving the bottom line. …

Jason CortelHow to Easily Accept Feedback
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How to Succeed by Quitting

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Until very recently I had a personal mantra which I felt certain summed up who I am and the path to success.  You know; the punch in my personal “elevator pitch”.  It defined not only my past but paved the way for my future in both business and personal endeavors. …

Louise HallerHow to Succeed by Quitting