Why Communication Matters in Leadership

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Everything a leader says will be interpreted. Because of that, the words a leader uses should always be thoughtful and precise. Good communication isn’t sending lengthy emails that seem to ramble on or spewing out every thought that passes through your mind.

Every word that a leader uses matters and must be chosen wisely. Make sure that your communication is crystal clear and direct. You have to paint a crisp picture of your vision, challenge or solution in order for the team to rally behind it and help you make it happen.

Effective communication in leadership is necessary to:

Provide coaching – coaching your team is one of the most important jobs of a leader. In order for your coaching to be effective your communication needs to be good.

Feedback – feedback helps people know if they are on the right track or need to make a course correction. Therefore, your communication needs to be thoughtful and specific.

Goal setting – goals are what help people advance. When setting goals it is crucial that you be able to communicate clearly so that the goals aren’t misinterpreted.

Articulating your vision – the vision is what it is all about. Without a clear vision you and the team would be lost and your progress will come slowly.

Persuasion – leaders often need to persuade others to buy-in to their point of view. If your communication isn’t thoughtful and precise you will have a hard time selling your ideas.

Communication matters in leadership. Choose your words wisely, speak clearly and be direct.

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Jason CortelWhy Communication Matters in Leadership

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