How to design a winning sales culture.

Design A Winning Sales Culture

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Sales leadership can easily be tricked into thinking things like culture, coaching and training don’t matter. The reason they are so easily deceived is because in the absence of those things, or worse, a poor execution of those things, sales teams can still win. When the economy is good, the product is great or marketing designs stellar promotional tactics, a terrible sales team will perform well.

Why does having a winning sales culture matter? With a winning sales culture you will reduce turnover, lower the cost of sales, increase average selling price and encourage cohesion among the team. A winning sales culture provides the foundation of beliefs and behaviors that remove the inhibitors of success. When you don’t deliberately design your sales culture, it will evolve on its own. A well designed winning sales culture includes these 5 areas.

1) Designing a winning sales culture starts by building trust within the team. Trust that everyone is genuinely concerned with the well-being and success of the rest of the team. Create a one-team mentality where the group is graded on the performance of the whole team as well as the individual.

2) Celebrate successes as much as you celebrate failures. Make a big deal when someone gets a big deal. When someone makes a big mistake turn it into a learning object and celebrate the knowledge gained from the mistake.

3) Foster continuous learning. The market, your products, sales methodologies and how buyers buy are ever changing. Help your team stay ahead by banishing the comfortable familiarity of complacency from your culture.

4) Change and sales are synonymous. Flexibility and agility are the super powers of a winning sales culture. Reacting quickly to change and keeping your processes and methods updated will keep your team ahead of the competition.

5) What is a winning sales culture without fun? Sales can be a stressful job, keep the stress at bay by weaving in as much fun as possible. When your sales team is having fun, negative and unhealthy competition won’t grow in your talent garden.

If you want to attract the best sales talent you have to have a winning sales culture. A great sales culture will build upon itself and allow you to be successful no matter the market conditions. It is better to design your culture on purpose and it increases your likelihood of having a winning one.

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Jason CortelDesign A Winning Sales Culture

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