Be a great boss with a success safari.

Plan a Success Safari

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A safari is an expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat. A success safari is an expedition to observe and hunt employees doing the right thing around the office. Be a great boss by regularly taking a success safari. 

Dust off your reward riffle, put on your best camouflage and get ready to hunt for positive behavior, productivity successes and meaningful interactions between staff. Load your reward riffle with ammo consisting of thank you, gotcha or other small trinkets to reward success.

Getting out from behind your desk allows you to see the things that are going right. When a manager stays behind their desk, on calls or reviewing reports there is a tendency to focus on the things that aren’t going well. This can cause you to become stuck in the negative minutia of always talking about things that need improving.

Taking a regular success safari will allow you to see all the great things that your team is doing and how hard they work to do the right thing. A success safari is just that, an observation or hunt for things that are good. Don’t blend in corrective action during your safari otherwise it loses its effect.

Another benefit to going on a regular success safari is that your team won’t dread seeing you come around. If the only time you get away from your desk is for corrective action your presence becomes synonymous with “what did I do wrong now”.

To get you started, here is a sample card that you can hand out. You can print these on Avery business cards #5870. Hand write the to, date and then sign your name on the line at the bottom. It is always best to print in color, your employees will appreciate the extra effort.

Will you be brave enough to venture out into the wilderness of your organization and go on a success safari today? Add your ideas or share your trophy’s from your success safari on Twitter @ #SuccessSafari.

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Jason CortelPlan a Success Safari

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