The Four Characteristics of an Amazing Team

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Your team needs to be diverse and dynamic. Their strengths and weaknesses need to complement each other. None of this is news to most people who manages a team. To have an amazing team, make sure each of the following characteristics are represented within your team.

Dreamers – these are the people who will help you innovate. When you are innovating you stay relevant and often a head of the trends.

Believers – these are the people who will have passion in your mission, product and service. That passion will help you stay unstoppable.

Planners – these are the people who will pay attention to the details and think through “what if” scenarios.

Doers – these are the ones who will make it happen.

As with everything, these need to be balanced across your teams. If you are heavy with doers you won’t innovate, your team may lack passion, the work won’t be planned or the actions to produce won’t happen. All of these types are important but it is more important to make sure there is balance. Each need rewarded equally as they all play an important role in bringing ideas to life.

It is also important to note that you can coach your team through these different roles. People often start off as doers and progress from there. Identify where they are and if they are capable of moving into another role then get coaching.

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Jason CortelThe Four Characteristics of an Amazing Team

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