Choose to be successful by accepting feedback.

How to Easily Accept Feedback

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Feedback is among the greatest gifts that you will ever receive from a manager. Feedback improves your performance, aligns expectations, develops your skills, solves problems and will help you navigate the waters toward a promotion and increased pay. Feedback benefits an organization by developing talent and improving the bottom line.

Yet with all of these positive reasons to have a hunger for feedback so many resist it, ignore it or complain about the manager who gives it. Here are 5 ways to more easily accept feedback.

Separate the “what” from the “who”

When in a feedback session it is easy to focus on the “who” and ignore the “what”. It is important to separate the two in order for the feedback to meaningful.

Know the difference between evaluations and coaching

Evaluations aren’t coaching. Coaching is guidance and polishing of your skills. Evaluations grade the work you have done. Think of it this way, evaluations are your past, coaching is your future.

Digest the feedback

Take time to reflect on and evaluate the feedback. Don’t have a knee-jerk reaction such as “that’s not true” or finding excuses for why you did what you did. If you must dispute the feedback ask for specific examples.

Ask before being told

Don’t wait for someone to seek you out to get feedback. Ask for it early and often. This will also help you be more open to receiving it.


Once you’ve been given feedback it is important to start implementing it. If someone takes the time to give you feedback the best way you can honor that is to put it into practice. Don’t forget to follow-up by asking “how am I doing”.

Choose success by using these 5 tips to easily accept feedback and unlock your full potential.
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Jason CortelHow to Easily Accept Feedback

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