How a leader's attitude impacts the team

3 Ways a Leader’s Attitude Impacts the Team

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Everyone struggles with keeping their attitude positive, even people in leadership roles. The pressure of leadership, personal issues, and life in general will impact your mood, energy and attitude. And, attitude matters more than you probably realize. When left unchecked your attitude can damage your team.

Without saying a word your attitude permeates from your skin. Even when you think you are hiding it and that no one sees they often do. Here are 3 ways a leader’s attitude impacts the team.

Your attitude sets their attitude

Attitude is contagious especially when you are in a leadership role. Positive or negative your team will soon adopt your attitude. Over time, your attitude sets the tone for the employees and also indicates what is and is not acceptable.

Even when you don’t want your attitude to impact the organization it will.

You set the level of passion and enthusiasm

Think about the times where you felt your team lacked passion or enthusiasm. Then take a long honest look at how passionate or enthusiastic you were at the time. If you are being honest you will remember that you were struggling to activate your passion and enthusiasm.

If you aren’t excited about what your team has been charged with how can you possibly expect them to be? When you find you are dragging yourself into work completely uninspired shake things up. Take a day off and do something fun. No one wants to be a part of a team where the leader isn’t excited and passionate about what they are doing.

Your attitude determines what is and isn’t possible

If you approach something as possible or you approach it as impossible so it shall be. When a leader is publicly expressing something isn’t possible, especially in front of their team, they become a vision bottleneck. Whatever it is will surely fail.

Conversely, if you approach something as possible and rally your team around that attitude of possibility, daring to dream and daring to imagine what is possible you and your team will accomplish the impossible.

Has your attitude been an issue lately? Apologize to your team for it. They will appreciate that you recognized it, that you owned it and that you genuinely had remorse for its impact on them.

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Jason Cortel3 Ways a Leader’s Attitude Impacts the Team

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