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Management Tip – Ask More Then Tell

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The third article in my series of being a great boss is to ask more questions than to provide all the answers. We often feel that as the manager we need to have all the answers. After all we have the experience, training and have earned our leadership role. When you give your employees all the answers you stifle their ability to think and grow. You could also create a level of co-dependency and will find your employees constantly at your desk asking you for advice on something they very well know how to answer.

As a manager you want to help your employees develop a thought process that will make them successful. They cannot gain a solid problem-solving thought process if you hand them all the answers. Those answers will only apply to that situation which may never present itself again. In addition to that, they won’t understand how you arrived at that answer or what should be considered in getting to that answer.

When you give your employees the gift of problem-solving they will gain more confidence in their role and have a feeling of independence. Giving your employees more confidence will raise their level of happiness and job satisfaction which goes a long way to keeping morale high.

The next time an employee comes to you with a problem or question turn it around ask them questions that lead them down the path of problem-solving. The smile on their face when they answer their own question will be highly rewarding to you.

-Jason Cortel

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Jason CortelManagement Tip – Ask More Then Tell

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