A great boss celebrates the challenging times

Management Tip – Celebrate the Challenging Times

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The fourth article in my series on being a better boss is about keeping morale high during the challenging times. You have to celebrate the hard times just as much as you have to celebrate the good times.

When business is good it is easy to have high morale among your team. The hard part is keeping employee morale high during the challenging times. You may end up with staff that will sit around waiting for things to improve with diminishing hope that it really will as you work through those times. I think that is where we are now albeit at the tipping point of good times again.

Yes the economy has made significant improvements but companies still haven’t started hiring at a level that will improve the workloads. Today many employees are wearing many hats and doing multiple jobs. This typically equates to longer hours and more stress.

Interestingly enough it is also during these challenging times that we realize great breakthroughs and advancements. This only happens when you are able to keep your team in a positive frame of mind. As a manager of teams you should plan several fun and creative activities throughout the quarter. Take your team through team building activities that have nothing to do with work. Planning these activities will also help your staff decompress, recharge and get their creative juices flowing.

I frequently ask my team to leave a little early for the day or come in a little late. That gesture goes along way because I am sending the message that I see how many hours they are putting in and I want to improve their work-life balance. I frequently take my team out to lunch to have a general conversation about how they are doing, what they are feeling, what they want to accomplish and where they want to go. Showing a general interest in their well-being and demonstrating that I care about them as a person and a member of my team also goes a long way to improving their morale.

People leave an organization typically because they do not like the direct supervisor. Conversely, people will stay with a company they hate if they like their direct supervisor. A survey conducted in 2012 by tellyourboss.com indicated that 65 percent of those polled said a better boss would make them happy. Strive to be that better boss.

-Jason Cortel

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Jason CortelManagement Tip – Celebrate the Challenging Times

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