Put your employees first and the client second.

Management Tip – The Client Comes Second

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The second article in my series of being a great boss is to put the employee first and the client second. Everyone instinctively knows that without the client we have no business. Usually we go around with phrases like the client is number one or the client is always right. What isn’t always immediately thought of is without client-facing staff we would have no clients. We can quibble over the “chicken or egg” but instead we will just assume I’m right in that the employee comes first.

Focus on the employee’s happiness

I’m not suggesting you can make your employees happy. I am suggesting that you give them a sense of contribution, show value for their work as well as to give them a feeling of belonging and purpose. They will project those happy feelings to your client which shows they have satisfaction in their job and with the company.

Your employees are responsible for creating and nurturing your client’s experience. If your employees feel happy about what they do and they do it well your clients will feel that and will remember that feeling when they think of your company.

Clients can sense your employee’s dissatisfaction

From the moment your employee engages with your client they can quickly tell if they are miserable, overworked or under trained. Think about the worst places to work..  These companies are “burn and churn” with low employee morale, low training, low wages. The common theme here is sales over service, long hours, no advancement and poor management. Now think about companies that are listed in the many “best places to work” surveys that are published. The common offerings these companies provide there employees are centered around wellness programs, training, appreciation programs and engaging activities.

When you create an environment that employees want to be in and you become a manager they want to work for great things will start to happen. Collaboration, innovation, higher productivity and higher quality of work are just the tip of what you and your team can accomplish.

An important attribute to being a great manager is to focus on ensuring your employees are happy, healthy and can do the work required. As the old saying goes “happy employee’s equal happy clients”.

-Jason Cortel

Jason has a passion for leadership, management, strategic planning, and organizational development. He is recognized for having the ability to develop client-focused organizational cultures through people development resulting in significantly higher customer and employee satisfaction and retention.
Jason CortelManagement Tip – The Client Comes Second

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