Who needs a personal website and why you need one now.

Why You Need a Personal Website

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I do a lot of interviewing and the first thing I do when HR gives me a resume is Google the person. I am looking to see what is associated with their name and also as an easy way to find their LinkedIn profile.

The more I can find that will give me a meaningful understanding of the person, their skills and probable fit for the job the better. When I am unable to find anything, especially a LinkedIn profile, I become hesitant of moving forward with an interview. The same is true in doing business with someone or deciding if I want to network or connect with them.

The reality of the world today is that when people have a need they search the internet to fill it. The need could be a service, a product or a person who has expertise in a particular area. If you don’t have a strong presence online they won’t find you.

What are some benefits to having a personal website?
  • Globalizes your professional identity
  • It makes life easier for potential employers
  • It demonstrates pride in yourself and your work
  • It showcases your skills and knowledge
  • It increases your level of credibility in your field
  • It gives you some control over the information people can find out about you
  • It is a differentiator in today’s tough job market
Who needs a personal website?
  • People who are searching for a job
  • People who are looking to sell their talents and skills in a consultative manner
  • People who are building their personal brand or establishing a name for themselves in a particular field

If you want to become known as a expert or a thought leader, are building your personal brand or searching for a job, a personal website is one of the most important tools you can use. Demonstrate the value and knowledge you bring to your area of expertise in as many places as possible, in will increase your chances of being selected to fill a need in the market.

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Jason CortelWhy You Need a Personal Website

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