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What is Fair in Leadership

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Why should productive employees who meet their numbers, complete their projects and show up consistently be treated the same as those who don’t? Who is being treated fairly when you treat the performers the same as the non-performers? When you treat these two very different employee types the same you …

Jason CortelWhat is Fair in Leadership
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Operations and Sales as the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s

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That is where I am with the war between sales and operations. I don’t want to accept it and I see no point in in. When the two groups, who are solely responsible for the organizations success, come together great things can happen. Success isn’t when sales sell the deal for millions of dollars nor is it when operations process the millions of dollars so that it can be billed. After all, if sales didn’t sell the deal, operations would have nothing to process. If operations didn’t process the deal the sell would sit on the books as deferred revenue and the client wouldn’t buy again. Success is when both groups come together to sell and process the work so more can be sold and processed.

Jason CortelOperations and Sales as the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s

Ever Elusive Inbox Zero

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I do know that when I don’t focus on being at inbox zero I don’t go home feeling as if I failed. I also tend to not get a frustrated when I receive thank you emails or am copied on emails where my input is not needed. Don’t strive for inbox zero, strive to accomplish tasks that will really help you meet your goals and an empty inbox isn’t one of them.

Jason CortelEver Elusive Inbox Zero
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New Hire Introductions Done Right

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First impressions are what they are. It isn’t just about our first impression of the new hire but more importantly their first impression of our organization. We must make sure their introduction to the company, department and team is the best it can be. I believe that doing that will also help them to ramp up more quickly and “fit it” more easily.

Jason CortelNew Hire Introductions Done Right
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Letting Go – Employee Types You Should Fire Now

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Effective and talented employees are every manager’s dream. What happens when those employees are unmanageable? Do you allow them to get away with anything because they are effective? What is the perception among the rest of your staff when they see a double standard? By keeping those effective and talented employees around are you breeding more unmanageable employees?

Jason CortelLetting Go – Employee Types You Should Fire Now