How to promote into sales leadership.

How to Promote to Sales Leadership

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In sales, especially with the current economy, the likelihood of your sales leaders moving up or being moved out is high. That vacancy could provide you with a real opportunity for a promotion. Do you have what it takes? Are you promotable? Are you even on the decision maker’s radar?

Being an A-player sales leader requires you to have these key competencies. Master them and make it known that you possess them to increase your likelihood of being offered a seat at the table.

Coaching and talent development

What it means: Teaching not hoarding information by being an active participant in talent development programs and efforts.

How to demonstrate it: Volunteer to be a mentor to new hires or offering to help peers who are struggling.

Team building

What it means: Being the cheerleader for the group.

How to demonstrate it: Using your influence to bring the team’s focus back to the tasks at hand. Provide an optimistic voice in a sea of complaining. Redirect negative comments about a directive that has been handed down or the size of the sales quotas.

Volunteer vs. Drafted

What it means: Stepping up when internal projects need team members. Not waiting for things to happen but making them happen.

How to demonstrate it: Ask to be on cross-functional teams that are formed to build and execute strategic initiatives. Co-mingle with other departments and department heads to talk about ways you can help them in your current role.

Adaptable not rigid:

What it means: Every day change gets faster. Being eager and willing to change and grow with the demands of the company.

How to demonstrate it: Respond to new circumstances and change with excitement not hesitation or fear.

Servant not self-serving:

What it means: Self-aware people understand themselves and as a result they understand those around them. Being more empathetic and forgiving of failures and weaknesses of those around you.

How to demonstrate it: Solve problems for the team, the company and the customer not because it will benefit you. Do everything you can to help others reach their goals.

Lastly, you have to meet your own numbers. To promote to a sales leadership position you have to demonstrate the skills needed to do the job and the ability to deliver strong results consistently. All of these competencies combined with being able to sell your company’s solutions will position you for the next sales leadership vacancy.

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Jason CortelHow to Promote to Sales Leadership

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