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Tuesday Tip – Make Them Newbies Again

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When employees become restless with their job it can lead them to mischief. Employees want to do a good job, they want to advance their career and they want to acquire new skills. The best way to keep employees engaged is to keep challenging them.

As earthlings we are addicted to the feeling of accomplishment. What better way to feed that beautiful addiction than to give them a challenge outside their domain of expertise? Assign them to a company or departmental project in an area that is outside their core competencies. When you give them an assignment where they don’t have the full knowledge or skills they immerse themselves in that topic. They become driven to develop an expertise. Those learning’s and their ability to demonstrate their new found knowledge will boost their overall satisfaction and their feeling of personal value.

There are some rules for this though. They have a desire for continuous learning. And, you have to guide them through the process. You can’t just let them run with it, otherwise, the learning curve will be too great for success. You don’t want them to feel like a failure.

As for that employee who says they are happy in their corner, it may be time to let them go. Beyond the fact that they are taking up a seat, they aren’t growing. And their growth is our greatest responsibility of all.

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Jason CortelTuesday Tip – Make Them Newbies Again

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