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How to Help Employees Overcome Their Insecurities

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We all have insecurities from time to time. When insecurities flare up people become paralyzed, indecisive and often produce a lower quality of work. It is important that you do all you can to keep your employee’s workplace insecurities at bay.

The definition of insecurity is:

  • Uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence
  • The state of being open to danger or threat; lack of protection (growing job insecurity)

Based on the definition it should be obvious as to why you need remove as much of your employee’s insecurities as possible. Four ways you can help employees overcome their insecurities.

Clear goals with clear milestones

Establish clear goals that have mini milestones so that they achieve small wins along the way. Having clearly defined goals with metrics, along with small wins, will progressively build their confidence.

Tell them where they stand

Meet regularly to review the goals and where they are in meeting them. When they have a solid understanding of how they are doing they won’t sit and wonder. They execute their day with a higher level of confidence and are more engaged in their work.

Tell them how they are doing

This is a quick interaction where you tell them they did something really well but it must be specific. Just saying “good job” won’t help with their confidence but “Good job with that presentation. I really liked how you addressed each concern as they were brought up.” will.

Tell them what is good

Tell them what is good more than you tell them what needs improved. The positive reinforcement will provide more benefits than focusing on the areas they aren’t so strong in. This also helps them from becoming discouraged and demotivated. When they can clearly see the things that are good it keeps them pushing forward. If the sky is always falling they will start to give up altogether.

Help your employees overcome their insecurities, reduce their anxiety and increase their confidence. If you effectively remove their insecurities about their job they can focus more on the things that will make a meaningful impact to your bottom line. This will also improve morale, employee engagement and untimately employee satisfaction. The more satisfied the employees are the more satisfied the customers will be.

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Jason CortelHow to Help Employees Overcome Their Insecurities

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