How to build emotional equity with your employees.

Tuesday Tip: Build Emotional Equity

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Building emotional equity is a business best practice. Emotional equity is when you invest heavily in the relationships with your employees. Feelings, concerns, tenderness and time are not free and in fact have a definitive cost.

Every interaction will result in either a positive or negative outcome. If you think about it in terms of banking, you will either make deposits of positivity or withdrawals of negativity. The trick is to not become emotionally overdrawn.

Having more positive deposits in your employees’ emotional bank will outweigh the negative situations that are bound to happen. Because you have a savings of positive interactions, the occasional oops that occur will be minimized and often easily forgiven.

Ask yourself and your team these questions to start building emotional equity:

How much emotional equity are we building in every interaction with our employees?

How easy are we making it for our employees to look past the occasional mistakes that are made so that they are more receptive to coaching and mentoring?

Have we taken time to greet them in the morning? Do we wish them well at the end of the day?

During our one-on-one with our employees do we give them our complete and undivided attention?

Do we follow through on our action items and promises that are made?

Are we being the right kind of example?

Building emotional equity will show your employees that you are invested in them. Put energy into them, mentor them, talk challenges out with them, pay attention to them, and you’ll start to build emotional equity.

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Jason CortelTuesday Tip: Build Emotional Equity

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