You will rise or fall to the level of your expectations. Choose to rise.

Tuesday Tip: When You Can’t Lower Expectations

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There are very few situations where you could lower the expectations but why would you? When you can’t lower expectations there is only one thing to do, beat them.

How do you beat the expectations? Every day you have to think about the work you produced, the way that you carried yourself, the way that you interacted with people. You have to make time to be introspective and honestly reflect on the effort you made that day.

Before tomorrow comes have a plan on how you will do better than you did today. When tomorrow comes do more, better, faster even if incrementally.

Why is this important? We rise or fall to meet our expectations. If we aren’t imposing higher expectations for ourselves we fall to meet them and then become stagnate or fall further. If you aren’t being the person you were meant to be, accomplishing the successes that are in store for you, then the people around you can’t be who they were meant to be and accomplish the successes that are in store for them.

Our lives are far more connected than we realize. When you continuously raise the expectations for yourself, they naturally become raised for those around you. This creates a domino effect where everyone (or the majority) is trying to do more, better, faster each day. This is how a high-performing team is born.

You are the ultimate judge, jury and executioner of your effort. When the day ends it is yourself that you have to answer to. Tonight, will you be honest with yourself when reviewing the effort you put fourth? Or, will you lie to yourself and come up with excuses for holding yourself to such a low standard? Don’t lower your expectations of yourself, set out to beat them every day.

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Jason CortelTuesday Tip: When You Can’t Lower Expectations

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