How to write a personal missions statement and why its important.

Writing a Personal Mission Statement

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A personal mission statement helps you identify your core values, bring focus and purpose to your life and is the key to finding your path. Your personal mission statement will define who you are and why you do what you do. Having a personal mission statement is the foundation that your personal brand is built upon.

There are three elements of a personal mission statement.

  • What you want to do
  • Why you want to do it
  • What you value

Your personal mission statement needs to encompass all aspects of your life, not just your work life. A well-crafted mission statement provides a guiding light for when things get tough. It will also ensure that what you are doing and the goals you are setting will bring you closer to fulfilling your mission.

Use your mission statement as the standard to judge all of your activities. This will keep your actions aligned with your mission. Periodically review and revise your mission statement to stay in touch with your personal development and to make sure that your mission statement continues to inspire you.

Here is my mission statement:

To create a nurturing place of order, happiness, pride and performance, and to provide opportunities for each person to become responsibly independent and effectively interdependent, in order to achieve worthwhile purposes. To live an integrated life and apply ethical principles to make a significant difference for those I lead.

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Jason CortelWriting a Personal Mission Statement

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