Help your employees quiet their inner critic. Be the positive voice that lives inside their head.

How to Increase Employee’s Confidence

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People are more often told what they can’t do, what they can’t become than they are told what is possible. Be a great boss and use the power of your voice to start telling them what they can do.

Everyone needs someone to believe in them at one point or another. Inside their head all the failures, shortcomings and negative things that they have ever been told are repeating over and over.

Being a great boss is telling people what they can become. It is seeing the potential that they can’t see for themselves. Your voice has to push them into the direction of what is possible. Your voice has to get them to believe in the things they never thought were probable.

Tell them they have a great talent.

Tell them they can do something amazing.

Tell them you need their skills and talent and everything they bring to the table.

Tell them you hired them for these reasons.

When you use your voice to tell them what they can do eventually they start to believe it. It will ignite a hunger and thirst inside them. Use the power of your voice to speak life into the possibilities of tomorrow and you help them see what they are unable to see for themselves, that they are great, that they have potential and that they matter.

Everyone needs to be told what they can become. Be a great boss by being that inner voice for your employees. Be that voice in their head that tells them “I am amazing, I am great, and they need my talents, skills and abilities.”

Resist the temptation that they already know these things or that someone has already told them. Resist the thought that if you tell them those things it will give them a big head or that they will become too big for their britches. It is OK to put people on a pedestal it is OK to help them see the greatness that lies asleep within them. It is your job, as a great boss, to wake that greatness up.

Be the voice of things that are good, of motivation and encouragement and of possibilities. Your voice can restore their confidence. Your voice can help them start trusting their abilities. Your voice can help them realize their self-worth and the value that they possess. Help your employees quiet their inner critic, help them break the pattern of “I will never amount to anything” by using the power of your voice.

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Jason CortelHow to Increase Employee’s Confidence

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